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It’s okay. I’m pretty sure no one’s listening anyway, which makes dead air juuust fine. But I had a few minutes, and I thought I’d stroll back over to the Dooryard to see if it’s still green.

A great deal has changed since I last posted. I am still a mumma with a career, but my career is changing. I am now in full-time school and full-time internship for teaching. Hopefully, this time next year, I will be happily ensconced in my first year of teaching either high school or middle school (whichever charms me most). While I loved my former career as magazine asst. editor, I have wanted to come back to teaching for some time. Becoming a mother changed everything for me, and I realized it was finally time to get real.

So this is what “real” looks like for me: doubling my student loans, interning at a high school all day, class all night twice a week, readings, research papers, lesson plans, paper correcting, maybe eating (sometimes), and sometimes getting to spend time with Simon and Baby Henry (who’s barely a baby anymore, but I’m still going to call him that).

I’m on a much-deserved break right now, so I’m spending today cooking for a game night we’re hosting this evening. On my list: granola, beef stew, and crock-pot mini cheesecakes. Here’s the catch. I have no car today, and my recipes involve a trip to the store. Guess I’m gettin’ my boots on…

Pictures to follow. OH! And I started canning since I last wrote, too! How cool is that?!?


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