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Okay, so maybe it’s really Screen-Reduction Week in our household…

The good folks over at the Campaign for a Commercial Free Childhood have organized one solid week of encouraging families, churches, schools, libraries, and so on to turn off our screens and get the hell outside. Or in the kitchen. Or into a book.

(Yes, I am aware of the irony of posting about Screen-Free Week through an electronic screen-based medium. And I’m over it.)

Anyway, Simon and I know ourselves well enough to understand that we like our iPhones and Netflix, and that they are part of our routine. We are unlikely to remove them from our lives entirely, even for just a week. The problem is that they are too much a part of our routine, so we are using this week to help us ease the grip these screen-based sirens have on our lives.

Lawn Baby

SFW Day 1:

– Dragged a blanket outside and rolled around on the grass a bit. Baby Henry has just started antibiotics (see my griping on this here), and he needed some good old fashioned sunshine. So the three of us cuddled, nursed, giggled, and read until the breeze grew cool and the peepers raised their evensong.

– Made homemade pasta and pasta sauce, following Marcella Hazan’s careful and caring instructions. I love this woman. Love. Looooove. If you have any interest in Italian cooking, buy her Essentials of Classic Italian Cooking. Now.

– Danced to some Toots and the Maytals in the cooking-warmed kitchen.

– Ate at the table for the first time in weeks. Baby Henry sat with us in the big boy seat. I think this was our first “family meal” at the dining room table. Not too shabby.

Up Next for SFW Day 2:

– Baby Henry and I are headed up to Pinelands this evening with some other local mommas for a hike. Then? Porterhouse steaks. Good times.

What about you?

Are you celebrating SFW? Why or why not?

What amazing activities do you have planned, or are you just going along as the spirit of free-range living moves you?


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