We’ve had a few hard days this week. Nothing terrible has happened. There have been no catastrophes outside the fairly minor (and oft repeated) issue of hitting the snooze button seventeen times. But the days have still been hard.

Last Friday, Henry came home early from daycare with a fever and with reports of diarrhea. All has righted itself now, but I think this first baby sickness triggered a disturbing thought: am I doing right by my son by working all day, every day?

It was all the classic separation anxiety stuff–Why am I not at home with him? How could I leave his care to someone else? Does he even know that I’m his mother? You know, the standard sprinkled with a liberal application of guilt, guilt, guilt. I think I escaped much of this early on after returning to work, only to have it rear its ugly head now.

So what about you? How do you cope with being away from your little one? Is it worth it?

I’ll be collecting tidbits of advice and reposting them in another entry, so advise away!