Did you feel the need to buy the biggest and shiniest baby stroller out there? How much did you (or a friendly gift-giver) spend on yours? How much have you used it?

It’s not that Simon and I didn’t want a stroller, or would have turned our noses up at one, but we just sort of never got around to getting one. More importantly, we never got around to needing one. Instead, we wore Baby H. A lot. And he loved it. He dozed, cuddled, snoozed, cuddled, slept, and cuddled. And we scampered blithely about from restaurant to cafe to store to more restaurants and even more cafes. No problem.

But then he became aware of his surroundings. Then he learned to keep his head up. Now, he’s taken to leaning out of the Baby K’tan wrap we stuff him into in an attempt to observe/explore/conquer his environment. While the wrap is absolutely secure, it still feels to me like he’s going to topple out of it at any second.

So, we went and bought a stroller for $17.99. Go us.

Yeah, it’s pretty standard. Umbrella. Fire-engine red. No frills. And the best $17.99 we’ve spent so far. It doesn’t off-road too well, which is where the oversized, stub-your-toe-on-it-every-time-you-walk-past stroller comes into play, and for off-roading occasions I wouldn’t mind having one. But baby wearing has gotten us this far, and I suspect it will get us much farther.

If you’ve never considered baby wearing, you should check it out. It’s cost-effective and keeps down the clutter in your mudroom. Oh, and you never have to worry about fitting that baby wrap into the trunk of your car, or stress over whether it’s going to crowd the diners next to you in a restaurant.

Besides. Your you and your baby look badass doing it.